Cabin Check In and Check Out Items

Check In

  • Turn on propane at the propane tank.
  • Code to the internet is 4353131979. Please don't stream movies.
  • Cell phone calls can be made while standing in the dining room or kitchen
  • In the winter turn the thermostat up. It's located on the wall next to the 
  • When first turning on the stove or oven, since the propane has been turned off at the tank, it may take a couple of times. Turn it on. Let it click. If it doesn't light right away, turn it off and try again. It should light 
  • There's a TV and DVD player in the loft. The TV in the loft is not hooked to Directv. It is only for DVD's.
  • The fireplace will be turned off during the summer.
General information:
Since the cabin is on a septic system there are a couple of things to keep in mind
  • Don't put egg shells or onion skins down the garbage 
  • Don't put bleach products down the drains. It kills the enzymes that eat the bacteria.

Check Out

  1. Make sure lights and TV's are off.
  2. Empty all trashes and take to the dumpsters on your way out of Panguitch Lake
  3. Strip the sheets off the beds that have been used. Just leave them on the floor of the bedroom.
  4. Make sure all burners are turned off on the stove.
  5. Make sure all windows are shut and locked. And blinds shut.
  6. Make sure all doors are shut and locked.
  7. Turn off the propane at the tank.

Thanks for renting our Cabin! We hope you enjoy/enjoyed your stay!